Niki Appleton

Deputy Head Nurse

Niki Appleton - Deputy Head Nurse
Niki Appleton RVN GRADDIPAVN Deputy Head Nurse

Ever energetic, Nikki joined us from a specialist referral hospital to lead our nursing team and enjoy the variety of work available at Pilgrims.

Uber qualified with over twenty years nursing experience, Nikki has a Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing. Nikki has transformed the standard of care our in-patients receive (from great to jaw droppingly amazing), and is a qualified veterinary nurse trainer.

An accomplished equestrian, Nikki additionally relishes assisting the equine vets with procedures out on yard and seems to manage the work of ten during her working day. She is subsequently the most economical member of staff we have.

Nikki is ideal to see if you want practical, friendly and knowledgeable advice about just about anything animal related. Approachable, supportive and generous, Nikki has inspired all of us at the practice in ensuring we give the animals under our care our absolute best.