• Yes! We definitely encourage case continuity, so please request this when booking your appointment.

  • Call the normal practice number and select the emergency service you wish from the option menu. See our emergency page for more info. 

  • Cats and dogs are commonly referred to Anderson Moores in Winchester, or SCVS in Ringwood. Horses are commonly referred to Liphook or Endells. The decision on where to refer to will be made by discussion between the vet and client, based on the needs of the individual case.

  • Most of our vets have 5-20 years’ experience. We currently have one new graduate who is fully supported by our experienced team. Small animal wise, Rosie has an interest in orthopedics and has completed a surgery certificate, Niall and Sarah are keen on soft tissue surgery while Nikki, Emma and Helen are focused on medicine.

  • Registration is free and you can either phone us with the information or pop into the practice. We would ask you to bring some form of identity and proof of address if you will be needing a credit account.

  • Insurance companies are getting increasingly specific about what they will and will not cover. As your vet we will not know the details of your particular policy and how it may change over the years which is why we prefer for you to pay your bill and for you to then get reimbursed by your insurance company. We deal promptly with the claim forms when submitted to ensure you get the reimbursement quickly and do not charge for this administration.

  • Yes you can and no appointment is required. If you let the receptionist know then they can record the weight on your pet’s clinical record.

  • Yes, visit our online shop for home delivery or order direct from the practice for collection. 

  • We use CPC who will collect from both practices weekly. As well as a routine cremation you can have your pet cremated individually, with a number of options for return of the ashes. The ashes will be available for you to collect from our practice. Please see https://www.cpccares.com/ for more information.

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