Autumn Safety for Cats

The nights are getting shorter and the leaves are turning yellow, are you ready for the joys of Autumn in Hampshire? Now is the perfect time to prepare your cat for some seasonal changes.

From microchipping to changing mealtimes, our vets have some Autumn advice for optimal cat safety:

Get your Cat Microchipped - Contact us for more information.

Stay Visible – Pre-7pm sunsets kick in around the third week of September and that’s when vets typically see an increase in the number of cats brought in following road accidents. Invest in a reflective collar, and if you’re driving, take extra care to spot cats crossing the road in the dark.

Stay Connected – Microchipping your cat is probably the most important thing you could ever do for them. This quick & harmless procedure could help reunite you if they go missing, or are involved in an accident. All too often, vets have no way of tracing owners of cats brought in. It’s just as important to keep your cat’s microchip contact details up to date.

Stay Indoors – Move your cat’s mealtimes earlier in the evening to encourage them indoors when it starts to get dark. Also, hiding some of your cat’s toys and only bringing them out at night will make staying in seem like more fun than a night on the tiles.

Stay Alert – Some cats like to harness the autumnal warmth by sleeping underneath cars, on tyres, and under the bonnet. Give your vehicle a quick check-over before heading out and send sleeping cats on their way.

Stay Safe – As the shorter days return, so do the back-garden bonfires. Check for cats and wildlife before lighting your bonfire, and keep cats indoors more during firework season.

The takeaway messages in this article are to ‘THINK CAT SAFETY’ and to stay connected to your cat, this Autumn.