New Year’s Resolutions: Dogs

If your dog could make new year’s resolutions, what would they be? More snacks… more slippers to chew… more squirrels to chase… more fox poop to roll in… As dogs rely on their owners to make decisions on their behalf, we wanted to help you to make some new year’s resolutions for your dog with their best interests at heart.

5 top new year’s resolutions for your dog:

1. Get into an exercise routine whatever the weather – Exercise is essential for your dog’s health & happiness, and that doesn’t stop because it’s cold and wet outside. Weight gain and boredom are two common outcomes from a lack of exercise, and can lead to further problems. Find out how much exercise your breed of dog needs each day here and try to stick to it:…

2. Spend more quality time together – Whether you choose to play with your dog, groom them, watch the squirrels together from the window, take them with you on errands, or sit and stroke them while you read a book or watch TV, your dog will truly benefit from spending more time by your side – even better if you’re doing something they enjoy. Commit to 20-30 minutes each day to be with your dog.

3. Break up the boredom – Mental stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. You can break up your dog’s day with a variety of activities such as:

  • Make meal times more interesting with activity feeders or hiding food.
  • Make an indoor agility course with cardboard boxes and toys.
  • Introduce mind challenging toys to your dog’s routine.
  • Teach them some commands for rewards.

Check out these boredom busting ideas on

4. Swap snacks to healthier ones – Your dog will still love you if you swap the calorific dog treat you give them every day for a carrot to chew on. Swapping your dog’s snacks to healthier options like carrots, apples (excluding the core & pips), green beans, and cucumber, will improve their health and help with weight loss.

Here’s some more fresh healthy snacks your dog might enjoy:

5. Enrol them in a pet health plan – Most people these days have busy lives, and sometimes it can be hard to remember things like locking the back door, buying toilet roll, and applying the dog’s monthly flea treatment. A pet health plan is designed to send you regular reminders about your dog’s health needs, and provide the home and veterinary treatments to fulfil these needs.

Talk to us about how a pet health plan can benefit you & your dog this new year – get in touch.