Smallholders Services

Whether you run your smallholding for profit or pleasure Pilgrims Veterinary Practice offer a comprehensive range of services to suit the unique needs of smaller and more diverse units. From a single pet sheep to a small menagerie of poultry, pigs and cows (as well as your companion animals and horses) we can satisfy all your veterinary requirements.

Book a smallholder visit

For cattle we offer…

  • Vaccinations
  • Disease screening
  • TB testing
  • Pregnancy diagnosis

Book a regular herd visit and we’ll be able to offer you anything from one to one or one-off advice to a full formalised herd health plan.

For sheep & goats…

We pride ourselves on being able to offer practical, sensible and cost effective advice to help improve the productivity of your flock. Regular visits mean we can provide the best advice on preventing disease and promoting parasite control.

For poultry…

Much of the work we undertake is around the care of ‘backyard poultry’. We typically look after flocks of between six to 30 or more birds and we can even see individual birds at one of our normal surgeries. As with cattle and sheep, we’re keen to promote routine visits to smallholders to maintain preventative healthcare, husbandry and proper flock management.

And for camelids…

We offer all that your Alpacas & Llamas might need, from important parasite control advice to vaccinations and health planning for small herds. Camelids are particularly susceptible to certain internal & external parasites so regular parasite control is essential for maintaining herd health.

Mobile Diagnostic Facilities

Smallholders might like to know that most of our diagnostic equipment is mobile. This allows us to carry out many investigations on your premises and gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get more involved in your animals’ care as we assess and treat them.

So, if you’re a smallholder who’s looking for a veterinary practice that’s got all the kit and expertise you need as well as the time to make sure you get the most of our expertise, look no further than Pilgrims Vets.