Top 2020 dog breed

Whether you love a bouncy labrador, a feisty yorkie, or a cheeky dachshund, everyone seems to have their favourite dog breed. But which breeds topped the list of the UK’s favourites in 2020?

According to, the world’s largest network of 5‑star pet sitters and dog walkers, their database shows exactly which breeds the nation favoured last year. reports the top 20 dog breeds as:

  1. Mixed breed
  2. Labrador retriever
  3. Cocker spaniel
  4. Jack russell terrier
  5. Staffordshire bull terrier
  6. Cockapoo
  7. French bulldog
  8. Border collie
  9. Shih tzu
  10. Chihuahua
  11. Dachshund
  12. German shepherd
  13. Golden retriever
  14. Yorkshire terrier
  15. English springer spaniel
  16. Pug
  17. Cavalier king charles spaniel
  18. Beagle
  19. West highland white terrier
  20. Bichon frise

With adoption figures at an all-time high last year due to people spending more time at home during the pandemic, mixed breeds are standing proud at the top of the list. With many more people continuing to work from home in 2021, it’s likely the adoption trend will continue.

We are delighted to see mixed breeds as the number one choice. In general, mixed breeds are less likely to suffer from breed-specific health issues than purebreds. Plus, with many dogs in rescue centres being mixed breeds, a surge in numbers hopefully means more unwanted dogs have found their ‘furever’ homes.

Did your dog make the list? Share a photo of your dog and tell us their breed on our social pages and let’s celebrate the many different breeds together!